Our Builds

Building Report

Construction this past fiscal year has been a time of increased momentum and enthusiasm.   Two units were completed and two more should be ready by the time this is printed.

The beginning of this year saw our manager, Sean Whalen, families and volunteers put the finishing touches on two units and move in two families.  The crew then moved to the units framed by last year’s Ace-It students.  After house wrap was applied and windows were installed, construction alternated through the winter between exterior on nice days and interior on miserable days.  Family members and other volunteers pre-painted siding, shingles, doors and trim during the winter months while Sean led the team of trades-people and more skilled volunteers at more challenging build aspects.

Building a house in the conventional sense is a big challenge.  Building a Habitat house with help from volunteers of all skill levels and donations from suppliers and trades is a huge challenge!   People, suppliers and trades on our coast amaze me with their donations of time, materials and money.  Their support and contributions were the key to our success.  However, our reliance on these groups for support means we cannot progress at the pace a conventional house builder would.  Many times our pace is slowed as we wait for help from volunteer tradespeople and donor suppliers.  This is why each build takes about a year.

Our current Ace-It class has built the footings and installed the forms for our next build.  They were supposed to frame this project but they could not proceed.  Unfortunately, Habitat for Humanity Sunshine Coast did not get its building permits soon enough, and the kids will have to learn what they can by building storage sheds and dog houses.  We hope to regain momentum later this summer.

I look forward to greeting the two new families to their homes and seeing the smiles on their children’s faces.

— Ken Croizier, board member and building committee chair

Our #13 and #14 new builds!

Everyone working hard to have these homes completed!