Thanks to EVERY one of you!

There is nothing cheap about building homes on the Sunshine Coast.

On average, Habitat for Humanity Sunshine Coast needs $300,000 to build a safe, decent, affordable home.

Much of that is spent on land, government fees and development costs before we even start building!

That is why donors are so essential to the work we do!

Our volunteers cannot raise walls and build homes without contributions of land, building products and services, cash, stock donations from the hundreds of corporate, individual, and community donors who partner with us.

Every donor, every dollar matters.

And because families repay donor dollars through their mortgages, donor dollars are continually being recycled to build more homes to transform futures for more families.

Steve Warren of Warren Enterprises
John Enevoldsen of Enevoldsen Engineering
John Opp of Opp Insulation
Tim McLennan, sprinkler systems
Bill Evans, Excavation Kyle Suuden,
KJS Excavating
Mike Molina, concrete
Bryan McAllister, Surveying
Jeremy O’Brian, trucking
Billy Wray, trucking
More Cakes
John McKenzie
Wayne Rowe
Don Atkinson

Bill & Joan Humphries
Ed & Gwen Hawkins
Tim McLennan
Kyle Suuden, KJS Excavating
Mike Molina Concrete
Ben Smale
Allan Appraisals
Flemign Tree Experts
Rose Lane B&B
Al Roadburg Foundation
Tom & Helen Ray
Bill Wells Backhoe Services
Jardin De Fleur
Ferreirra Auto Body Repair
Dr. Bland

Gilligans Pub
Ken Croizier
Nancy Tiffin
Harrison Mohr
Ken Lee
Nadine Seward
George & Terry Goulet
Restaurante Italiano Ruby Lake
Ann Lynn Florist
Halfmoon Bay Chololates
Bonniebrook Lodge
Christ the King Church
Sechelt Yacht Tours
Sengled Pulse Light
Sechelt Tree Service

BOARD: Laurie Vance, Mat Sadler, Dean Clement, David Connors, Margie Garrard, Chris Pallett, Ed Hawkins, Thomas Smith, Ken Croizier, Susan Attiana, Mary-Ann Thiessen

STAFF: , Luanne St. Louis, Stuart Gicquel, Bruce Yeoman, Sean Whalen, Kim Spanks, Sheryl Ryer, Berry Veldhoen, Khalid Kahn, Yanira Cuellar, Marissa Fyles.


RESTORE: Margie Garrard, Phil Green, Wes Maxfield, David Piasta

GALA: Chris Pallett, Gwen Hawkins, David Connors, Sharon McDonald, Jocelyn Conway, Tracy Nettles, Laurie Vance, Phyllis Mooney, Birgit Stefani

GOLF: Susan Attiana, Jocelyn Conway, Margie Garrard

CONSTRUCTION: Ken Croizier, Sean Whalen, Ken Lee

BUILDING AND SITES SELECTION: Thomas Smith, Ken Croizier and Dean Clement

BYLAW REVIEW: Dean Clement, Phil Green, Iain Palmer and Laurie Vance

POLICY REVIEW: Mary- Ann Thiessen, Dean Clement

FAMILY SELECTION AND FAMILY SUPPORT: Laurie Vance, Mary-Ann Thiessen, Carol Anderson, Gwen Hawkins, Margie Garrard

RECYCLING VOLUNTEERS: Bob Colhoun, Zarah Gale, Shirley Hall, Ross Hay-Roe, Mike and Joanne Istvaniffy, Bev McEwan, Phyllis Mooney, Birgit Stefani, Gord Walker, Devin and Danielle, Kat Ross, Gary and Pauline Weber, Susan Turrel, Rich Spence, Iain Palmer, Sharon McDonald, David Connors, Margie Garrard, Ken Williams, Marj McDougall, Jim Quirk, Murray Drope (Gibsons)

RESTORE VOLUNTEERS: Bill Bryce, Bill Campbell, Bob Darcy, Brenda Wentworth, Brian Robson, Charlene Hay, Chris Walker, David Brown, David Piasta, Peter Stockton, Phil Green, Mary and Ted Bentley, Ken Croizier, Wes Maxfield, Serge St Amand, Steve Murdoch, David Ible, Debbie Ferguson, Dylan Tyson, Ken Crozier,  Jean Fortin, Kim Spanks, Linda Vanderpol