Recycling for Habitat for Humanity Sunshine Coast

Recycling Update

Gibsons Bottle Depot is open (across the road from Gibsons Recycling) Bottles and cans may be left outside to the left, at our deposit bin, with our thanks. In Sechelt we plan to open soon at Salish Soils, after our bin is moved back to create more parking spaces so we can comply with social distancing requirements. If you have no room to store them, please consider taking your refundables to Caps Off behind Claytons in Sechelt and ask that they be donated to Habitat. The kind fellows there are running a tab for Habitat, and we are grateful for everyone's patience during these Covid-19 times. We are eager to resume shortly, and ask that you check back here for updates, with our thanks!

Our History

From humble beginnings 15 years ago Habitat’s Recycling program has grown into an award winning expert team who take great pride in funding affordable housing by recycling for deposit 20 different products weekly, while adding community value by keeping tonnes of bottles and cans out of the landfill. A little known fact is that Habitat built its first affordable home out of pop cans! How, you ask? By winning the national Alcan award for the most aluminum cans recycled in Canada, Small Towns division, for 2 years running! This Alcan award of $125,000, in addition to the refund deposits collected during the contest period, more than covered the cost of materials for the first Habitat house built on the Sunshine Coast! Several years later Habitat Recycling was presented with the Excellence Award for our system of community recycling of refundable containers, and in 2016, our Recycling team won the only Habitat award ever given for Canadian recycling, the Habitat Sustainable Funding Award.

How the Program Works

Every day of the week, 52 weeks a year, except statutory holidays, our team is on the job, rain or shine, pre-sorting the refundables donated by the public at SALISH SOILS, OFF PORPOISE BAY ROAD IN SECHELT, and at GIBSONS BOTTLE DEPOT, VENTURE WAY IN GIBSONS. We are very grateful to our community for their tremendous support, and for the forward vision of the SCRD to partner with Habitat, whereby the recycling program provides dependable funding for Habitat’s Build program, as we return the beverage containers to the Return It centers on a weekly basis. We couldn’t do this without the support of you Sunshine Coasters!

How You Can Help

If you have an hour a week, and want to truly make a difference, we’d love to show you what we do! During our busy season, our volunteers have holidays too, so we need a few Summer Only volunteers who have an extra hour a week to temporarily help us out when we are shorthanded. And in addition to donating your own beverage containers, could you bring your neighbour’s, your neighbourhood association’s or your strata council’s refundables with you when you visit Salish Soils or Gibsons Bottle Depot? Your continued support allows us to continue to give back! Thank you!

  • Drive the recycling truck
  • Sort cans and bottles
  • Pack cans and bottles and load the truck
  • Take bottles and cans to Caps-Off early Wednesday mornings

Where Do I Drop Off My Refundables?

Our Sechelt Bottle/Can drop off area is at Salish Soils. Head over to 5800 Black Bear Rd and make your contribution anytime!

What About In Gibsons?

We have another location in Gibsons too! If you have bottles and cans, take them over to 1035 Venture Way.

Is This Recycleable? has a tool called “Waste Wizard” that will let you know how to dispose of all your garbage/recycling items! Click the Waste Wizard button to use the tool.