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Sunshine Coast People’s Choice Award

We have been nominated for a Sunshine Coast People’s Choice Award for Favourite Home Appliance/Mattress/Lighting Store! 🎉 🏆 🤩 Voting for the retail category is open July 1 to July 14, show the love for us and all your other favourite coastal retail businesses and #CoastyourVote today at www.scbrc.ca/coastyourvote

What’s a win-win-win-win scenario? Donating and shopping at Habitat ReStore!

It’s a win for our donors and shoppers, a win for the earth, and a win for the families we work with across the country. You must be thinking – how? Let us break it down for you!

Learn more: habitat.ca/ReStoreWins

Sunshine Coast People’s Choice Award

Thank-you for nominating our business for a Sunshine Coast People’s Choice Award! 🏆 Voting for the retail category is open July 1 to July 14, please head over to  www.scbrc.ca/coastyourvote to #CoastyourVote for us and other local businesses!

Indigenous History Month

This Indigenous History Month marks the 7th anniversary of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s closing ceremonies, which concluded with the publishing of their 94 Calls to Action.

Take the time to educate yourself, and others, on these important calls to action and their findings: https://bit.ly/3weSZzb

Habitat is Hiring

National Indigenous Peoples Day

On Indigenous Peoples Day, Habitat Sunshine Coast is proud to celebrate and honour the Indigenous families we work with, like Tina and Niu. We are pleased to share their family’s journey towards affordable homeownership through the Indigenous Housing Partnership program.

Get to know their story: habitat.ca/stories/home-is-for-the-future

We Want Your Milk Cartons!

Refundable cans and bottles have helped build Habitat homes on the Sunshine Coast for over a decade. The work continues, with a fourplex going up at the Sunshine Coast Village at Wilson Creek.

And now milk, soy and similar cartons – of all sizes – are be­ing accepted at Habitat’s refundables operations in Sechelt and Gibsons. Our only request: that the cartons be clean, and for the Gibsons operation, that you not scrunch the cartons. Sorry, but cream and 50:50 cartons are not refund­able; these can be put in with all your other recycle stuff.

Avalon and other glass milk bottles are cherished as they bring in about $2500 a year to Habitat. After you drop your bottles with Habitat we take them to a local grocery store for a refund. So, when you are gathering your pop and beer cans and wine & alcohol bottles destined for Habitat, remember to include your milk containers. They, too, help build affordable housing.

$80,000 is Habitat’s target for our 2022 refundables oper­ations. Our goal will only be achieved with YOUR HELP, your bottles, cans and cartons. We thank you.

To celebrate National Volunteer Week, why not consider joining the Habitat volunteer team? You can make a difference in your local community!

Have questions or want to volunteer? Email us at volunteer@habitatsc.ca

Firewood Is Available to Habitat Members

Habitat March 2022 Newsletter

Happy International Women's Day!

Happy International Women’s Day! At Habitat for Humanity Sunshine Coast, we look beyond the building of a home. To us, the beyond means a world without gender bias. We work with women, locally and globally, to #BreakTheBias, transform their lives and build a foundation for a brighter future for themselves, their children and their families.

It’s the last week to enter the yearly Meaning of Home writing contest – don’t miss your chance!

We’re asking students from grades 4 to 6 their meaning of home for the chance to win one of three $30,000 grants for their local Habitat. And that’s not all: for each student’s submission, $10 will be donated to their local Habitat help families build strength, stability and independence.

To enter visit meaningofhome.ca.

Habitat Refundablers

Habitat Refundablers each generate $3500 a year for Habitat Housing on the Sunshine Coast. We currently have 21 wonderful volunteers and generate $76,000 gross a year that goes toward family housing.

Our Refundablers report that in addition to making a difference in our community they also have FUN doing it! Maybe you would like to offer an hour a week at either our Sechelt or Gibsons locations? If you are interested in learning more & joining our team, call or text John Leech at 604-230-5827

Pictured here, Tim takes satisfaction in completing a shift sorting and counting cans and bottles. THANKS Tim!

New Habitat Homes Available Fall 2022

At Habitat for Humanity Sunshine Coast, we believe that a home means so much more than a roof over your head. That’s why we’re asking students from grades 4 to 6 their meaning of home for the chance to win a donation to a Habitat for Humanity Sunshine Coast build! For every submission, $10 will be donated on that student’s behalf to their local Habitat. To enter visit meaningofhome.ca.

Volunteers with Fundraising Experience Needed

Habitat for Humanity Sunshine Coast has launched construction of a new fourplex at the Sunshine Coast Village at Wilson Creek. This means safe, stable, reliable housing for four families on the Coast! We are super eager to get going on the project AND we are looking to the future.
In early to mid 2022 we will get to work on outfitting the four homes with fridges, stoves etc. Our plan is to approach our community for assistance. At the same time we wish to develop a longer term fundraising and legacy gift program. In all of this we could use some assistance. If you have a background in fundraising and are interested in lending a bit of a hand with this initiative we’d like to hear from you. We promise the commitment will fit your availability and will not be onerous. Please send an email to Board Vice Chair, John Leech, at johnleech296@gmail.com or call or text 604.230.5827

Habitat Welcomes Your Cans & Bottles

Hey New Years revelers, how about donating your cans and bottles to help us build homes on the Sunshine Coast. By donating to Habitat YOU help US build homes, and in this small way help our community address the housing crisis. Habitat is now building a fourplex at the Sunshine Coast Village at Wilson Creek. This will be our last building on this site, allowing four more families to enter into home ownership.

You can help by depositing your cans and bottles at either the Habitat drop spot at the Gibsons Bottle Depot at 1035 Venture Way (not the main recycle place) or at Salish Soils in Sechelt.

Doug is hard at it sorting cans and bottles. Christa & Bryan survey their handiwork.

We thank all in our community who regularly drop your cans and bottles for Habitat. It is appreciated.

We could use a couple more volunteers at both locations. If this is something you might consider please contact our Board Vice Chair, John Leech, at 604.230.5827.
At Habitat for Humanity, we believe everyone deserves a safe and affordable place to live, both locally and globally. This Giving Tuesday donate to Habitat for Humanity Sunshine Coast and help local families build brighter futures.

National Housing Day 2021

On #NationalHousingDay, we’re going #BeyondtheBuild to change the trajectory of Canada’s housing crisis, and we want you to join us. Together, we can drive substantive change by working with all levels of government and partners across the housing system, prioritizing real solutions that are effective now, and over the long-term.
Show your support by pledging to go Beyond the Build with us: www.habitat.ca/go-beyond

Habitat Update in November-December 2021 issue of
Home on the Coast

5 year old helps Habitat sort cans and bottles. 94 year old retired earlier this year. Yup, there is no age restriction on volunteering for Habitat. Shae (5 years) and her Mom Tara (centre in photo) and friend Katie were on site in Gibsons recently, donating their time in an effort to raise funds for the new fourplex building planned for The Village at Wilson Creek. Earlier this year Murray Drope at age 94 ‘retired’ from volunteering due to a health issue. We are so grateful for all of his help, but are in need of some new volunteers.

We are looking for a couple more volunteers to offer 1 to 2 hours a week sorting and counting cans and bottles. We are located at the Gibsons Bottle Depot, 1035 Venture Way. To get more info on volunteering please call or text John Leech (Board Vice Chair) at 604-230-5827.

P.S. Please take a moment to drop off your refundable cans and bottles. By doing so you will be supporting Habitat in its efforts to help four more families in the community. We thank you!

Habitat Gets Wagon from B&K Garden & Landscape Supply

Thanks to B&K for loaning Habitat Gibsons Recycling a wagon to transfer cans and bottles from the front drop area to the back at Gibsons Bottle Depot. The use of the wagon means fewer trips moving product from the front to the back area where Habitat volunteers sort and count cans and bottles. We appreciate this community support.

We invite the Gibsons and area community to drop your cans and bottles at 1035 Venture Way. ALL FUNDS from the cans and bottles goes to building homes. Habitat will soon announce the start of construction of the final homes at The Village at Wilson Creek.

Seeking Sechelt Recycling Volunteers!

Seeking part-time volunteers to join the Habitat Sechelt Refundables team!

Volunteer position description:
– Short shifts to be shared between a few volunteers
– Located at Salish Soils – 5646 Schetxwen Rd, Sechelt
– Manage all aspects of refundables handling and related work
– Ensure that work area is safe and highly organized at all times

If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions, we would love to hear from you. Please email volunteer@habitatsc.ca.

Habitat ‘Refundablers’ Raise $80k a Year

Did you know that only 42% of Canadians are likely to recycle household furniture like chairs, couches or lamps, compared to items like cans, bottles, cardboard and paper? This World Habitat Day, visit a Habitat ReStore and contribute to diverting more waste from landfills while also supporting affordable housing in your community.

Habitat Volunteers sort on their 24th Anniversary!

Lori LeMay and Tim Hoffman volunteered at Habitat Gibsons Recycling on their 24th wedding anniversary. In this video they are rocking it! What a team. Such dedication! Tim and Lori observed that we could not count on them next year on their 25th!
Members of the Sunshine Coast community interested in volunteering at either the Sechelt or Gibsons Recycle operations should email volunteer@habitatsc.ca. Typically a volunteer is asked to commit an hour or two once a week. If you are not able to make a firm commitment to a regular schedule then we can list you as a ‘floater’ and add you to a team at times that work for you.
The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is a direct response to Call to Action 80 of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 94 Calls to Action. Habitat Sunshine Coast encourages all Canadians to observe this day by learning about and familiarizing themselves with these important calls to action and the TRC’s findings: https://bit.ly/3weSZzb 
On the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, Habitat Sunshine Coast will recognize the tragic history and ongoing legacy of residential schools with a day to reflect, and to remember and honour the survivors, their families and communities. We invite our staff and all Canadians to observe this day by participating in activities and education related to Truth and Reconciliation.

Habitat for Humanity Seeking 6 more Volunteers!

First to express thanks to six locals who came forward to volunteer to help out at Gibsons Recycle Operation. Much appreciated. They will be going to work this coming week. We would like to find another SIX (6) volunteers, and with the added number assure all volunteers that they would have no more than one short 1 – 2 hour shift a week. Please consider and send an email to volunteer@habitatsc.ca to learn more.

Here are a few volunteers gathered at the Gibsons site to help clear the large backlog of cans and bottles, which, thankfully, has now been accomplished. Going forward we will work on the old phrase, ‘many hands make for light work’. Your volunteer contribution will help Habitat raise $100k from our recycling operations at Gibsons and Sechelt.

John Leech

Board Vice Chair
Habitat for Humanity Sunshine Coast

Happy International Youth Day! At Habitat for Humanity Sunshine Coast, we believe in the transformational impact of affordable housing. By partnering with local families and community members, we help provide safe, affordable housing, supplying youth with safe spaces to live, learn and grow.

While Indigenous History Month is coming to an end, the responsibilities of allyship should be permanent. If you are non-Indigenous, continue to utilize the many valuable resources that exist and honour the history, heritage and diversity of Indigenous peoples every day. Learn more yourself, and start conversations with your family, friends, and community.

This Indigenous History Month marks the 6th anniversary of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s closing ceremonies, which concluded with the publishing of their 94 Calls to Action. Take the time to educate yourself, and others, on these important calls to action and their findings: https://bit.ly/3weSZzb

National Indigenous Peoples Day 2021

Today is Indigenous Peoples Day. On this day — and every day — we celebrate all Indigenous peoples and communities, including our Indigenous partners across the country. While commemorating this day, it is important to understand what allyship to Indigenous peoples looks like. Anishinaabe-kwe scholar Dr. Lynn Gehl’s Ally Bill of Responsibilities is a helpful resource: https://bit.ly/2SqLNS0

June is Indigenous History Month

June is Indigenous History Month. Habitat for Humanity in Canada is proud to have partnered with 22 Indigenous families in 2020, building a path to safe and affordable housing. But there’s more to be done. Through our Indigenous Housing Partnership, we’re committed to finding housing solutions that are by and for Indigenous communities and fostering equitable partnerships rooted in respect for Indigenous culture.  

We're Turning 30!

We’re celebrating the Big 30 and we’re open for business! Shop or donate to our ReStore, which benefit Habitat for Humanity Sunshine Coast & address affordable housing in our community. #ReStore30

Habitat Update in May/June 2021 issue of Home on the Coast

Outstanding Volunteer Murray Drope ‘Retires’ from Habitat for Humanity after 17 years

Murray Drope started his volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity Sunshine Coast working at the recycling operation in Gibsons in 2004. At this time, Gibsons’ recycling operation was larger than Sechelt’s. Murray volunteered Tuesday and Friday mornings, recycling in the parking lot up from IGA. He started as and remained the volunteer driver, going to and from the Gibsons Bottle Depot.

Murray has always been ‘on the job’ no matter the weather. The ‘reward’ for Murray was time to dry out or warm up at Timmy’s with other members of the team. “Murray played a key role at Gibsons recycling for almost two decades,” said Habitat Sunshine Coast CEO Mark Powell, “Murray and so many other volunteers help Habitat deliver much needed housing on the Sunshine Coast.”

Murray has held the Gibsons recycling operation together throughout all the years since, working tirelessly with Gibsons Bottle Depot to keep the building funds for Habitat coming in. It is estimated that because of Murray’s contribution, Habitat brought in more than $100,000 over the years. And Murray’s constant hard work gave Habitat a wonderful public profile in Gibsons.

“Murray was always an excellent manager and the very best volunteer any organization could ever hope for! A million thank yous for his wonderful sense of humour, his selfless commitment to Habitat’s recycling program and for being one of the most loyal supporters of Habitat,” commented Margie Garrard, Habitat’s Recycling team leader for many years.

On behalf of Habitat for Humanity Canada, President and CEO Julia Deans has proudly recognized Murray Drope for his exceptional volunteer service.

Habitat for Humanity Sunshine Coast is grateful and honoured to have had Murray as an outstanding volunteer.

See our very own Murray Drope recognized by Habitat Canada during National Volunteer Week!

Laurie Vance donates $10,000 (USD) TED Grant to Habitat for Humanity Sunshine Coast!

Habitat for Humanity Sunshine Coast (HFHSC) is pleased to announce that Laurie Vance, a long-term supporter and past board member of Habitat, received a $10,000 (USD) TED Grant through their Mystery Experiment program. Laurie has very kindly decided to donate the grant money to HFHSC exclusively towards the purchase of children’s playground equipment and construction of garden areas at the Wilson Creek Village.   

Completion of the work will be a collaboration between many members of the community including Habitat members, volunteers and families working towards completing their commitment hours as part of the HFHSC affordable home ownership program.

We are so grateful to Laurie for her continued support and generosity!

Seeking Volunteers!

National Volunteer Week 2021

It’s National Volunteer Week! This year, more than ever, we celebrate the unwavering support of all the volunteers who make our work possible. In the ReStore, on build sites, or even virtually — thank you to every volunteer who has dedicated their time and effort to supporting us during these challenging times. You are the heart of Habitat Sunshine Coast!

Rich drove the Habitat truck for the recycling operation for many years, volunteering several times a week to sort and count the large loads of donated bottles and cans which provided funding for the construction of Habitat homes. Not only would he handle the loading and unloading of tonnes of recyclables for Habitat, Rich would go overtime to lend a hand with anything the team needed to operate, including planning wonderful potluck dinners with his wife Lee at their lovely waterfront home. Rich was a warm generous host, and loved to see his friends and teammates enjoying social time together. Always friendly, helpful and kind, Rich’s contributions to Habitat will live on by way of the happy families living in Habitat homes he helped provide, and in the sweet memories he leaves all his Habitat friends with.

Do you know any children in grades 4 to 6 who love helping others?

We’re asking for poem or essay submissions on the meaning of home for the chance to change a family’s life. The winner of each grade will win a $30,000 grant for their local Habitat, among other prizes! Learn more about the writing contest: meaningofhome.ca

Habitat's 2020 Recap in the Coast Reporter

Recycling at Salish Soils Now Open!

Happy Giving Tuesday! Learn more about how you can help Habitat Sunshine Coast below. Thank you for your support!

The Meaning of Home writing contest is back! Starting in January, we’re asking students in Grades 4, 5 and 6 what home means to them for the chance to win a $30,000 grant for Habitat for Humanity Sunshine Coast! That’s not all — for every submission, $10 will also be donated to a local Habitat. For more details, visit meaningofhome.ca

National Housing Day 2020

For some of us, home has been the one constant in our lives this year, but for many others living in Canada, the idea of a safe affordable home is still a distant reality. This National Housing Day, let’s work together to make safe, decent and affordable housing a reality for all. #righttohousing 

Habitat in November/December 2020 issue of Home on the Coast

World Habitat Day 2020

30+ years ago, the UN declared the first Monday of October #WorldHabitatDay, a day to recognize the basic right of adequate shelter for all.

ReStore Silent Auction!

We’re holding a Silent Auction at the ReStore! Come stop by to look at these two beautiful Robert Bateman prints and place a bid! Starting bid for the Great Horned Owl is $300.00, and starting bid for the Big Horn Sheep is $250.00. Bidding ends September 30th. Good luck and thank you!

Habitat Sunshine Coast is so grateful to have been the partner charity for the August 28th and August 29th Sechelt Drive-Ins. Thanks to everyone who came out to see E.T. and Jaws, we had two great sold out nights with you all. A big thank you to Fresh-Air Cinemas, Fortis BC, District of Sechelt and our volunteers for making the event possible!

New Board Members & Habitat 2020 AGM in Coast Reporter

Habitat Village keeps growing - New Coast Reporter Article

"True Love at the Village" article in Spring 2020 issue of Zoom Magazine

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Habitat Happenings

Our quarterly newsletter with news of what's been happening with Habitat and what's coming up next

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