Habitat for Humanity Sunshine Coast Launches Development of 14 Affordable Homes

Introducing “Sunshine Coast Village”, a new community of affordable housing for low income families, currently being developed by Habitat for Humanity Sunshine Coast volunteers and partners.

Sunshine Coast Village is an exciting project, and a considerable step up from the construction of individual homes or a single duplex). The project represents a significant dent in the number of families now living in sub-standard housing on the Coast and will show how the affordable housing crisis can be addressed one home and one family at a time.

Located on a two-acre site on the south side of Highway 101 between Wilson Creek and Davis Bay (west of the old Mazda dealership – now FYi Doctors) the village will ultimately consist of seven duplexes housing fourteen deserving families.

Rezoning of the site is currently underway and is a requirement to see the project through to completion.

As with all Habitat for Humanity projects, the site will be serviced and built through the efforts of volunteers working in partnership with local and national businesses.

Please support us as we strive to bring Sunshine Coast Village to life!

About Habitat for Humanity

The mission of Habitat for Humanity is to lift low income families out of the poverty cycle through home ownership. Qualifying families buy their homes from Habitat and must pay 30% of their annual income towards their mortgage. Families must make the down payment on their new homes by providing 500 volunteer hours (“Sweat Equity”) building their own or other Habitat homes, or otherwise helping Habitat for Humanity towards its goals. We offer a hand up, not a hand-out. Many low-income families have never known the kind of stable housing Habitat strives to provide. These families typically reside in the lowest cost rental housing available and are at the whim of landlords as housing is sold, renovated and rented at unaffordable rates, or torn down. Families are forced to move often, creating upheaval for the children at school. Through the purchase of a Habitat home families can build a more stable life as responsible homeowners. Studies in both Canada and the US have shown that children raised in a Habitat home do much better in school, have a much better graduation rate, and a much higher rate of participation in post-secondary education than do children of families left behind in sub-standard housing.