Construction Update for April 2012

The following is a summary of where construction stands today and our plans to move forward: – Julian Burtnick and his Maycon crew and Jim Wheeler Electric, following criteria set by Hydro, will be installing the underground services for Phases I, II, & III starting this week. This is a long-anticipated project and will be much appreciated by all of us, particularly Sean and Ken when they no longer have to unwind and rewind that huge extension cord every day!

Phase I (Units 7 & 8 on the plans): – Drywall has been moved to both floors in this duplex thanks to Sean, Karl, the Ace-It students and to GBS for the use of their Hyab truck. Lesson learned – in future have the truck picking up drywall from Home Depot capable of placing it on the required floors of the duplex! – Mark McConnell, working with Sean, will oversee the installation of the drywall, including finishing. Installation will start this week and we have several experienced drywallers volunteering to help Mark. – As soon as the drywall is ready to be primed, James Pozniak, of Pender Harbour, will spray prime all the interior walls, as he has done in all of our Habitat homes. – The Womens’ Work Day group plan to do all the interior painting after the primer is dry. This same group is also ready to literally ” hit the ground running” as participants in our first Habitat Landscaping Day on April 14th under the watchful eye of Judith Reeve. – Siding is proceeding nicely with Sean and Ken Lee doing 90% of the work. Thanks guys! – All flooring is being donated by Custom Carpets.

Phase I – Units 9 & 10 – is now framed and about 80% of the roof shingles have been installed.

Phase III – Units 5 & 6: – The basic plan is to have the foundation poured as soon as possible. – Sean has ordered the concrete forms, supplied by Ross Concrete, and the Ace-It students will assemble them after Larry Penonzek’s crew has surveyed the site. Our thanks to Larry who has kindly agreed to do survey work for Habitat again after allowing others to help us for a few years..

– Ross Concrete will be supplying the concrete and as soon as it is cured the Ace-It students will be all over it with their framing hammers, knocking off the forms and starting the actual framing of our next duplex. Our third Village duplex should be completely framed by the end of June!

Other News: Russ Jones, the new owner of Rona Sunshine Coast in Pender Harbour, continues his generous support of Habitat with a large donation of drywall and 5/8″ T & G Firply. The Construction Committee is working with Sechelt Signs on plans for new signs at the main entrance from the highway, and individual lot signs have been ordered indicating Phase and Duplex Unit numbers. We are also planning to have “Open House” tours of the site as soon as the weather warms up.

Thanks to everyone for your generous support, Ed Hawkins, Habitat Construction Chair

Ace It Students in June