It’s National Volunteer Week Next Week

“Not everything that counts can be counted. And not everything that can be counted, counts.” — Albert Einstein

Volunteering is about giving, contributing and helping other individuals and the community. Volunteering means working with others to make a meaningful contribution to a better community.

The value of volunteering cannot only be measured using monetary metrics but the value of our Habitat volunteers runs much deeper than just monetarily. How can we put a monetary value on ordinary people doing extraordinary things here on the Sunshine Coast.

Everyone volunteers for difference reasons. Some people volunteer to expand their networks, work alongside others to gain experience, some to expand their profile but when polling the volunteers at Habitat 95% volunteer to help others, in particular families who are lIving on the edge of poverty gain access to their forever homes.

Habitat for Humanity Sunshine Coast was started by volunteers and continues to be led be volunteers. It is the reason we are so successful.



Habitat for Humanity’s first annual golf tournament and dinner on the Sunshine Coast aims to help bring joy to struggling families by linking them up to homeownership.

Susan Attiana recently joined the board of Habitat for Humanity Sunshine Coast (HFHSC) and took on the task of organizing the tournament along with fellow board member Margie Garrard. Attiana did it for two important reasons: She loves golf, and she wanted to do something to help her community.

For more information on golfing, sponsoring or providing a  silent auction item call Susan or Margie today!

Susan – 778-385-7533
Margie- 604-885-8940


It’s been a while since I’ve written an update on my experiences with the Habitat so this is what the last few weeks have been like:

The walls are all up at the building sites, and getting them primed and painted was no small task. It took quite a few Saturday and Sunday’s but now it’s finally done!

I got to put together almost all of the kitchen cabinets in one of the units, this was a surprisingly satisfying task. I didn’t know I’d like building things that much, I think it was about being able to see the finished product fairly quickly. I think that this compared to the white walls on white primer on whiteish drywall, seeing progress was fun.

I’ve done a few shifts at the ReStore as well, that’s a super joyful place to volunteer. Everyone is super friendly, and easy to joke around with. A good change of pace for me since I’m not as used to talking to adults these days.

I spent a Saturday in the executive director, Cori-Lynn’s office organizing some paperwork. At one point I had Amelia napping on some blankets and papers spread all over the floor!

Three shifts a week at Recycle down at Salish Soils. The new roof and tables look fantastic! They did a great job with the improvements, and ‘oh boy’ do I appreciate that roof when it’s raining!

This has been a pretty fantastic experience for us, not only being able to own our own home, but becoming part of a community as well. Devin has grown up here and knows a lot of people, however I moved here pretty much right before I had Amelia, and I still haven’t gotten out a ton. To be immediately included in the Habitat family is pretty wonderful, I feel like I know a few people now and that’s making my introduction to the Coast even better. I am so thankful that I was invited into this organization, my life had become richer in so many ways. We have a meeting next Saturday to go over what’s left to do at the houses, touch ups and what not. Not much longer until we move in.
Devin, Danielle and Amelia



These lucky winners were participating in the easter egg hunt at the Gibsons Heritage Market as was Jeremiah from Vancouver who is the architect who designs the pods for the Pender Harbour Ocean Discovery Station.


Sean, Ken C., Thomas, Ken L. and the ACE-IT students hard at work.
Are you looking for a playhouse? We will have just what you need very soon!


Recently Habitat participated at a trade show where we met many new friends supporting affordable housing on the Sunshine Coast.



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Tax receipts can be issued for donations and our customers’  purchases at our ReStore contribute to the building fund which enables us to make Habitat Magic Happen! AND we can pick up the donated items for FREE!