Family Selection Committee

What does the committee do?

Selecting families to occupy homes may be the most challenging and important function of Habitat volunteers. The Family Selection Committee is responsible for outlining the selection criteria that is used to select families for the approval by the Board of Directors.

The Family Selection Committee is also responsible for communicating with prospective Habitat families, screening and interviewing applicants, and recommending applicants for approval by the Board of Directors. Once an applicant has been approved as a prospective Habitat family, the Family Selection and Family Support Committees work together to continue building a relationship with the selected family and guiding them through the Habitat for Humanity affordable housing process. 

Qualifications to volunteer for a Family Selection Committee position include:

  • A time commitment of 1-2 hours per month for the year long duration of committee membership
  • Communicate well with applicants, staff and other Family Selection Committee members
  • Understand the struggles and challenges for lower income families
  • Knowledgeable of requirements for Habitat’s affordable housing
  • Ability to make decisions objectively based on criteria
  • Understanding of and commitment to Habitat for Humanity’s mission, vision and values and the desire to promote it
  • Ability to ensure strict confidentiality of applicant information
If you’re interested in joining the Family Selection Committee, please e-mail us at
"I believe children should grow up in a safe and secure environment; Habitat for Humanity offers such an opportunity. It is why I have been involved in the program since it was established on the Sunshine Coast in 2004."
Gwen Hawkins​