Meet Our Families

These families are the reason we at Habitat for Humanity Sunshine Coast do what we do. Our amazing volunteers, staff, board, and families all come together to build new communities with the simple intent of helping local families secure safe, decent and affordable homes.

Danielle, Devin and Amelia

After hearing about the program it almost sounded too good to be true, I was really nervous about submitting our paperwork and getting the process started. I think it took me about 2 weeks to really understand that this was something that we qualified for and that we could possibly receive. We handed in our information and waited. Devin got a call saying that we were scheduled to talk to some of the board members the following week.

When we got there I was a little intimidated as up to this point it was only Devin who had been speaking to the board. He had met with the executive director Cori-Lynn about four times, trying to gather and comprehend the information and what it would take to qualify. She suggested that he apply and that she would add ours to the list of applicants they already had. So here we were, in front of board members, honestly I couldn’t tell you who was there or even how many ladies we met with – I was so overwhelmed and excited at the same time. Could this be possible?

What I can tell you about the meeting is that I was surrounded with some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, they asked us about our situation and we talked about our lives up to this point. When we left the meeting we really had no idea what way they were leaning.

A few weeks later Devin was traveling between jobs when his phone rang, He pulled over and got the news then called me right away. I don’t think the shock of it all really settled down for a few hours. I can remember him just pacing back and forth in our kitchen as I just sat there.

The best news. We are getting a home.

Kat, Mihailo and Phoenix

Hello Coast readers. nice to greet you, our little Ross family has happily become a part of a bigger collective family, Habitat for Humanity. Our names are: Kat (31). Mihailo (11), and Phoenix (10). Here is our story…

My children are my life. They have to be everything I define myself through. As a young expectant mother I had not yet defined my sense of identity, this was a great gift. I became the parent to two majestic spirits. Phoenix. the firebird, ancient and powerful. He brought our family the gift of harmony. Mihailo, my angel, carrying forth a deep compassion and knowing.

Together we have traversed many a terrain. Together we have uplifted from our native prairie’s and are now firmly planting our roots. Being a partner Habitat family is providing the strong foundation our family was meant to thrive within. We have our own vision statement as a family that we’ve co-created. Central within it are our own core values; connection. love, and presence.

As imagined we are overflowing with excitement, as we are steadily approaching our 500 sweat equity hours. If only the days were longer, we can’t wait! Eeeeee!

I am humbled, with deep gratitude, dreaming of all the wonderful years and awaiting us in our new home.

Thank you.