Recycling for Habitat for Humanity Sunshine Coast

Their Story...

In the early days of our affiliate, the first steering committee was composed of Ed Hawkins, Rev. Ray Niebergall, Dieter Lauber, Phil Jones, Holger Heitland, Barry Smith, Suzanne Smart, Beatrice Sorensen, Pat Hennessey, Sandra Friedman, Dan Fivehouse, Jay Deyman, Bill Lasuta and Margie Garrard.

Margie Garrard focused her passion not just into the board, but also the recycling fundraiser that still runs 7 days a week, with volunteers alternating through three shifts a day. The volunteers commitment and determination to raise money and keep refundables out of the land fill was once the sole fundraising income that we had here on the Sunshine Coast. Their hard work and dedication is still just as ferocious as it was in the very beginning.

When Alcan offered an annual $60,000 prize to the Habitat affiliate that collected the most aluminum cans per capita, Margie got the recycling operation running so efficiently, our chapter won the award three years in a row. “After that, they changed the rules,” Ed laughs.

And Now...

In order to keep this amazing initiative moving along, we need to expand our team of volunteers. Once a week, this team fills their truck to the very brim with all the refundable containers that have been collected and sorted throughout the week. The seven day a week schedule keeps our volunteers busy doing the impactful and important work that they do, but sometimes delegating and sharing the load is just as important as the cause.

As the need for affordable housing grows, so does the demand for fundraising. In order for Habitat for Humanity to continue working to provide families with safe and decent housing, we need devoted and able volunteers to help us reach our goals.

By volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, you can contributing directly to the environment, young families in our community, the sustainable future of the Sunshine Coast, and your own quality of life! Volunteering is a fantastic opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded people, and become educated about your community and the society that we live in today.

What Can I Do?

  • Drive the recycling truck
  • Sort cans and bottles
  • Pack cans and bottles and load the truck
  • Take bottles and cans to Caps-Off early Wednesday mornings

Where Do I Drop Off My Refundables?

Our Sechelt Bottle/Can drop off area is at Salish Soils. Head over to 5800 Black Bear Rd and make your contribution anytime!

What About In Gibsons?

We have another location in Gibsons too! If you have bottles and cans, take them over to 1035 Venture Way.

Is This Recycleable? has a tool called “Waste Wizard” that will let you know how to dispose of all your garbage/recycling items! Click the Waste Wizard button to use the tool.